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In My Garden

by Ruben Mesa

Snap peas growing on a plant

At the front of my house I planted some peas

To try and help out the neighborhood bees.

They went in the ground,

And I fussed all around,

Until I was tired down to my knees.

On the back end, to add some variety,

And, also, because it killed my anxiety,

I planted tomatoes,

And have some potatoes,

Growing next to my fruit bearing tree.

I was told by a friend I have no needs

To plant veggies and fight with the weeds

“Just go out the door,

And buy at the store!”

They say at amazing speeds.

But I fear that they have my intentions confused.

I plant and I grow because it leaves me amused!

I do it for flower and bees!

… Alright, and the peas.

It’s just not right to leave them unused.


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