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Are Millennials obsessed with plants?

by Snehanjana Chatterjee

Plants from Snehanjana's mother's garden

When my grandfather planted our coconut tree in our backyard, it didn’t mean much to us. Later on, it became a symbol of strength for our family that overcame numerous cyclones and storms over the years.

My mother was the one and only influence in our family who was attached to both plants and kids. Born and brought up in a rural area, my mother’s family had cows and poultry animals. Naturally, she was more empathetic towards our environment but especially towards plants. After her marriage to my father, she started a primary school in our house for underprivileged children. She always saw the innocence in kids and compared them to flowers. The only thing that could uplift her mood everyday were her school students and her garden.

Following her footsteps, I started gardening recently and to be honest, it has been a really enriching experience. You see a new leaf sprouting and it’s like seeing a baby taking it’s first steps. The only thought that comes to my mind is “Oh my god! It’s alive and I didn’t kill it.”

I have added several (at least 50) plants to my collection- from money plant, fish bone, snake plant to Monstera. I also joined the millennial gang of Instagrammers who guide others on how to keep their indoor plants free from insects/ pests. For example- One reel on Instagram showed how instead of watering your plants everyday, you can poke the soil with a stick to make it more breathable, or you can clean the leaves of the plant with Neem (Azadirachta indica) oil to keep the insects away.

This has changed the game for millennials or Gen- Z people who want to try out their luck at gardening. It’s not only about the environment anymore, it’s about having an aesthetic to your house. More and more people are filling up their living rooms with plant pots. You will find more people adding “Plant parent” to their Twitter or Instagram bio. Indoor plants not only bring peace and comfort in your home but also cools down your room temperature. So if you’re still not part of this gardening revolution, what are you waiting for?

Snehanjana is 26 years old and lives in Calcutta, India. She is a student. Follow Snehanjana on twitter @SnehanjanaC.


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