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share your story. grow a movement.

We believe that everyone has a Plant Love Story: a story about how plants have shaped your life. We’re collecting these stories to show how plants affect us all. Please share your story!

PlantLoveStories is brought to you by the Smith Conservation Fellows. We are conservation biologists who work and play in forests and prairies, oceans and lakes, mountains and caves, farms and cities, streams and rivers, deserts and wetlands and all the places in between.

Becky Barak planted the seed of this idea in our heads.  Becky Tonietto, Bonnie McGill, Caitlin McDonough MacKenzieMallika Nocco, Molly Bletz, Sara Kuebbing and Talia Young sprouted the idea into this website.  Bonnie designed our logo.


We hope you all will help our seedling grow by sharing your PlantLoveStory.

Outside of this site, check out other ways we share plant love: 

This website uses the following custom fonts: Erica Type by Peter Wiegel and zerocalcare script by Zetafonts.


Thanks for visiting Plant Love Stories!

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