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Be Like a Seed

by Richard Ekeng Ita

Drawing of 32 different species of prairie seeds
Seed art by Julia Ferguson (

Lying deserted inside the quiet ground

Relying solely on the climate found

Plying its trade without cause to worry

Doing this slow and steady without thoughts to hurry.

With no hope for water, the rain comes

With no hope for light, the sun shines

With no hope for food, the soil provides

and in the midst of weeds, it still survives

In moments of dessication, it becomes encysted

Just to make its growth consistent.

Some emerge after the struggle with seeds, some remain seedless

Some emerge after the struggle with cysts, to go about its business.

From the radicle, comes the roots, which grows downwardly, for the purpose of anchorage to the ground

From the plumule, comes the shoots, which grows upwardly, for the purpose of bringing forth crowns.

A seed it was then, a big plant it is now.

Go to the plants today all who are hopeless, learn their lessons and be wise!

Richard Ekeng Ita, PhD, is a plant ecologist from Nigeria. He lectures at Ritman University, Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom State. Nigeria. Richard's research interests are Quantitative Ecology, Wetland Ecology, Forest Ecology, Biodiversity and conservation, Pollution ecology, and Climate change.

Image header by Julia Ferguson, read more about her artwork (and seeds!) in Seed Love and Science Art.


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