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Tulips Galore

by Lisa Hill McDonough

I finally made it to Keukenhoff Gardens in the Netherlands as part of a River Cruise in April 2019. We took our chances guessing which week would be the best, and we lucked out.

Under a clear blue sky with a bit of chill in the air, we arrived as the gates opened. Immediately all the different vistas with all the different tulips took our breath away. It was as if someone had taken a giant paint brush to paint all the swaths of colors —all colors of the rainbow. The Keukenhoff Gardens are a sight to be seen by all plant lovers — and a sight that will convert all to being plant lovers through the sheer wonder of it all.

Lisa was a stay at home Mom to six rambunctious kids (and claims she loved every minute of the chaos). Now that they are all launched, she is a community activist on arts and culture boards in Worcester, Massachusetts.


photo credits: Lisa Hill McDonough


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