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The Mango Tree

By Jules Molina

Growing up my family has always relied on the mango tree as a staple in our family unity. I grew up in a large Hispanic family that consists of many cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Although getting everyone together at the same time could be a daunting task, the mango tree has always made it easy. One of us in the family has always had a mango tree in our backyard. Every summer it would produce so many sweet and plump mangoes, and we would all get together as a family to pick and enjoy these delicious fruits. We eat them plain, in smoothies, in juices, in desserts and even in mango bread! Currently, it is my family that has the mango tree and our extended family comes every summer to keep the tradition alive and to enjoy time and fruits with each other, while enjoying the Miami summer sun.


Jules is 21. He recently graduated from Florida International University in Miami, Florida. He majored in biology.


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