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PLS Kids!

by Yael S.

I’m writing a story of the movie Little Shop of Horrors because there is a big plant. And it eats bugs. And it is cool because it grows so big and can talk. And it has babies. And I love it because it has a funny voice and it likes blood and needs it to survive.

Yael S., 7 years-old.


Note from the Editors: This week, we are excited to post a submission from a new friend, Yael, whom we were lucky enough to meet by chance over dinner a few weeks ago. We are thrilled that Yael was willing to share her story and picture with us, and that Yael's grandmother, Roberta, was willing to help with the technical aspects of the submission process. We believe that everyone--of all ages--has a Plant Love Story to share, and we hope to see more PLS Kids! Submissions in the future!


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