Plant Heart Art, 2020

In case you haven't noticed, we LOVE plants!

Plant Love Stories (PLS) began on February 14th, 2018 as a way to collect and share stories about the plants that shape our lives. To celebrate Valentine's Day and our second birthday, we commissioned original plant-y valentines, also known as #PlantHeartArt from six incredible artists. We are thrilled to share them with you today! We hope you'll share them with the ones you love - plants and people alike. For printable PDFs of all the valentines, click here!

Happy Valentine's Day from Team PLS!

Artist: Aim Ren Beland

Bio: Aim Ren Beland creates zines, comics, and other illustrated work in Chicago, IL. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter at @aimrenatus or visit his website at

Artist: Brittany Burgard

Bio: Brittany Burgard is a botanist and botanical illustrator currently working in the herbarium at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden. Plants are her one true abiding love. Follow Brittany on Instagram @brittanyeburgard and visit her website at

Artist: Alexandra Gallant

Bio: Alexandra Gallant is an artist, designer and cartoonist living in Boston, MA. As a designer, she focuses on science communication, especially the life sciences. As an artist, she loves exploring science, pop culture and nature in her art. Her work has appeared in multiple issues of the Bob’s Burgers comic series as well as on an episode of the show. She has been part of group shows at Gallery1988, including shows for Monty Python and How Did This Get Made?  She is currently working on a graphic novel about a mermaid and a vampire. You can follow Angela on Instagram and Twitter at @gallantdesigner or visit her website at

Artist: Ronan Hart

Bio: Ronan Hart has always been passionate about nature and wildlife, and art has always been a way to express this passion and expand his understanding of the natural sciences. Ronan chose the Rocky Mountain Columbine for the valentine because it is the state flower of Colorado (where he grew up) and because for a semester he studied plants in Ranunculaceae native to north-central New Mexico, which includes columbines!  To learn more about Ronan and see more of his art, visit or follow Ronan on Instagram at @morningbones_ or Twitter @morningbones.

Artist: Camíla Inoa

Bio: Camíla Inoa is sleepy illustrator whose favorite things to do include baking, going to the beach, and enjoying quality time with family and friends! Follow Camíla on Twitter @camiinoa, and on

Artist: Nina McDonnell

Bio: Nina McDonnell is an avid bog-lover who illustrates her field adventures in pen and ink.  Most of her artwork is focused on the nocturnal creatures that emerge from Vermont’s wetlands and forests after dark.  Although she adores all plants, her favorites are carnivorous pitchers, sundews, and flytraps.  Follow Nina on instagram @ninaranita for art and more, or visit


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