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My friend, Holly

By Niamh Greer, Ellie Kim and Adelaid Seigworth

Art by Keelin McKiernan

the silhouette of two children standing in front of a large holly bush.

Once upon a childhood

I had a secret place

Where I would go with my brother, talking face to face

In the bush of hardwood

Where we never stood

In our secret hideout, there was plenty of space

We could be ourselves, we didn’t keep a straight face

Life was all good

Holly grew into the house

So we had to cut her down

Remnants of all life were gone, even the life of a mouse

Growing out of childhood was a real put-down

Devoid of all life like a dollhouse

Until grass sprouted up and made a new, mini town


Ellie, Adaelaid, Keelin, and Niamh are all eighth graders at North Hills Middle School. This poem and associated artwork won Special Merit in the Plant Love Story Challenge hosted by the Phipps Conservatory and Botanic Gardens.

Congratulations to the team from your friends at Plant Love Stories!


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