October 10, 2018

The first time I saw lupine blooming in the wild, a blanket of purplish blue flowers swaying softly, covering an Indiana dune, I had to sit down. We had just come through a clearing in the trees, following a trail down to the lake front that allowed us to hike through 10,000 years of dune succession in a single afternoon. I saw the blue spikes off in the distance, but until I came to them I didn’t realize what I had been seeing.  The view was stunning.

Wild lupine and I have a past. Lupines were the in-between step that led me from being an excited science-loving undergrad without a real plan to a botany graduate student today, and helped inspire my development of In Defense of Plants, a blog, podcast, and social media presence spreading plant love.

In college, I chose to major in biology because I loved biology, not because I was following a “career plan”. But as my four years were coming to a close, I realized I needed a plan. I had to put my degree to work - in order to start pay...

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