December 12, 2018

My grandmother, Grammy, was a back-to-the-earth hippie decades before the actual movement started in the 1960s.  She and my grandfather, Grampy (Grumpy may have been more apt), moved to their cottage in Western Pennsylvania each year on Memorial Day.  They lived there until Labor Day when they reluctantly headed back to the Locust Street house in town.

The cabin was small and rustic.  A well on the hill above the cabin provided cold water to the kitchen faucet. The walls of the kitchen were covered in newsprint and the cast iron wood stove was used for cooking, regardless of outside temperature.  There was no bathroom. Instead, the outhouse served that purpose and was located a good walk away from the cabin, past the shed, the garden, and the beehive. Rhododendron flanked the front porch. Stone steps led to the springhouse next door and the stone fish pond beyond that where water lilies floated above the imported carp of many colors.

Diminutive in stature, Grammy embodied grace...

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