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Earth Day 2020

In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, we want to share a few of our Plant Love Stories that celebrate many amazing plants and places all around the world.

We celebrate the plants at the highest mountain peaks (Low Elevation Alpine Love by Caitlin McDonough MacKenzie) and the plant cousins that live below the sea (Kelp - A Surfer’s Guide to the Most Loveable Plant Impersonator in the Water by Mead Krosby).

We celebrate the plants of the wettest marshes (The Juncus People by Lucy Zipf) and the driest deserts (Desert Beauty by Thomas Oberbauer). 

We celebrate the plants that bloom at once and carpet hillsides in super blooms (Zombies in a Poppy-Pocalypse by Joan Dudney) and those  that bloom for a single night (The Cinderella of Plants by Sally Lin).

We celebrate the plants of the rolling prairies (Fall[ing] for the Prairie by Rebecca Tonietto), the plants of the frozen tundras (Tundra Cloud[berries] by Briana Jasinski), the plants of the tropical forests (My Anchor in the Rainforest - Heliconia by Britte), and the plants of the vast savannas (Plant Love in The Lion King by Arielle Ness-Cohn) 

We celebrate how plants change over the seasons (Green is Here to Stay by Olivia Clark), and even how we care for them in our homes (How to Become a Plant Parent: A Guide for the Green Thumbless by Dominique Vickers) 

We hope on this Earth Day you will celebrate the beauty, diversity and inspiration that plants bring to us!

Happy Earth Day from Plant Love Stories!


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